Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sedona Airport, KSEZ - Arizona

Sedona Arizona was one of our stops on our USA Road trip, and we spent a total of 3 nights there.
Sedona Airport, KSEZ is said to be one of America's most Scenic Airports, sitting atop a hill right in the heart of Sedona with a single runway 21 & 03 headings. The runway is 5135 ft long and has a 90 ft elevation change downhill on runway 21. The airport is at an elevation of 4830 ft above sea level.  The scenery around Sedona is just magic and the airport sure does have great views of the red rock mountains. There is a FBO operator based in the terminal, Red Rock Aviation and a restaurant the Mesa Grill if your feeling hungry.

So here a fews pics from my brief visit and aircraft on the ground at the time, including a Cessna Citation & Beech J50 Twin.

Cessna Citation
Beech J50
Beech J50
Sedona Airport Ramp
Looking South West

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