Thursday, October 25, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105

12th October 2012, Los Angeles, CA, was when the Space Shuttle Endeavour, OV-105 made history again. At 0200 hours the Shuttle rolled down the access point road next to runway 24R and at that point was transferred from the care of a Federal Facility,  Los Angeles Airport, to the People of Los Angeles. The Shuttles last 12 miles will be by road atop a large transporter.
I was very fortunate to be present at this historic moment, away from the large crowds that await her down the road. The photos below are of the Shuttle leaving LAX airport land and crossing Lincoln Boulevard.
Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105
1. Was the 5th and final Shuttle built
2. First Flight: 7th May 1992 - STS-49, Launch PAD 39B
3. Last Flight: 11th May 2011 - STS-134, Launch PAD 39A
4. Orbiter Length: 122 feet
5. Tail Height on Runway: 57 Feet
6. Wing Span: 78 Feet
7. Total Days in Space: 299
8. Astronauts Flown: 173
9. Orbits of Earth: 4671
10. Total Miles Travelled: 122,883,151  Total 25 Flights

Coming down the access road at LAX Airport

About to cross Lincoln Blvd

Welcome Home, crossing Lincoln Blvd

Still with Re-entry burn marks

Crossing Lincoln Blvd

Forward Rocket Nose outlets

Leaving Lincoln Blvd

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