Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blue Angels - Miramar Air Show 2012

Well at last I finally made it to an Air Show that I have always wanted to attend, held each year in October, the

MCAS Miramar Air Show, San Diego.

The theme for this years show was, "Marines in Flight: Celebrating 50 Years of Space Exploration"

So here goes, and I hope you enjoy the photos over the coming weeks.

BLUE ANGELS....Start and Taxi Approved!!!

These first photos are of the Blue Angels Start up, Taxi Out and Take off Departure. As with the precision and timing that the Blue Angels are know for, This was all started on-time at 1445 hours.

All Jets Started

Taxi out

Blue Angel #1
CAPT. Greg McWherter, USN
Flight Leader / Commanding Officer

Blue Angel #1, #2, #3

History in brief of the Blue Angels:
The Blue Angels performed their first demonstration in June 1946, at their then home base, Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, Florida using the Grumman F6F Hellcat.
In 1947 the team introduced the now-famous "Diamond Formation" led by LCDR Robert Clark.
In December 1974 the team began to fly the A-4F Skyhawk II.
On November 8, 1986, the Blue Angels completed their 40th anniversary year when they unveiled their present aircraft, the F/A-18 Hornet.
The Blue Angels are currently based at (NAS) Pensacola, Florida.

The Commanding Officer waving his arms up to encourage
the crowd to clap and cheer !!

Blue Angel #3
CAPT, Brandon Cordill, USMC
Left Wing

Final Line Up

Blue Angel #4
MAJ, Brent Stevens, USMC


Gotta love that Power, Awesome Noise Also

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