Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Los Angeles - 2007

Going back in time a bit here.
I took these photos back in 2007 on yet another trip to Los Angeles. Los Angeles was almost like my second home for about 10 years, and this was before I started to do photography as a hobby, oh the photos I could have got. Kicking myself now.

Anyway here are a few I took anyway, and never to been seen again scenes.

The first photo shows a good old Air New Zealand B747-400 parked at terminal 2 along with an old
Aviacsa Airlines B737-200, XA-TVN. Of course Air New Zealand no longer fly's the B747 to LAX and I,m pretty sure that XA-TVN is no longer in service.

Air New Zealand B747-400 Tail
Aviacsa Airlines B737-200 XA-TVN

An now over that the old Tom Bradley Terminal, which is of course the main International Terminal at LAX for a large number of carriers. The good old B747-400 was the most common aircraft parked at Tom Bradley back in those days as most airlines flying long haul out of LAX used the
-400 and of course it was before the A380 era. I am looking forward to have a closer look at the new Tom Bradley Terminal that has been built.

So a few shots from the old Tom Bradley Terminal.  

Look at the south pier gates
Tom Bradley Terminal
Good old B747-400's
Check-In - Tom Bradley Terminal
LAX, 2007
Air Zealand will relocate from terminal 2 to the the new Tom Bradley Terminal in September this year.

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