Sunday, February 23, 2014

Late Afternoon Rush Hour.....

Well I must say this is probably the busiest I have seen AKL during the late afternoon rush hour of arrivals and departures on a very warm summers day, and with the sun getting low.
Even though these photos were taken looking directly into the sun, I was surprised how they turn out.

In the first photo there is an amazing 12 aircraft you can clearly see, as follows.

Just landed on 23L is a China Airlines A330, holding short of 23L a Virgin Australia B737-800 ZK-PBJ, taxing on 05L for 23L is a Jetstar A320, followed close behind by an Emirates A380, taxing out in front the the domestic is a couple of B1900's. And parked at the Air New Zealand domestic terminal a collection of A320's and B737's.

A busy afternoon

Jetstar A320 followed by an Emirates A380

After you.....

Emirates A380

Almost a full house at the Terminal.

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