Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Tow Plane and Gliders

I made a visit to the Whenuapai Gliding Club recently at the RNZAF Base at Whenuapai, and managed to catch a little bit of Gliding activities for the day and speak to some of the very friendly and informative club members. It was great to learn a bit more about gliding than I all ready knew and get up close while the gliders were being prepared for flight and the co-ordination required with the tow plane, from the hook up on the ground to the takeoff and the release from the tow plane in the air.

The Tow plane for the day was ZK-RDW, FK 9 Mk IV.

For more information about the Whenuapai Gliding Club, see their website HERE

And Club Terminal, Communications Centre





Take-Off Roll

PZL Swidnik "World Class" PW5 Smyk

Grob G102 Standard Astir |||

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Nice work AA!!