Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tom Bradley A380 Line Up

Over the many years that I have been travelling to Los Angeles, the B747-400 has been the Queen of LAX and the long haul aircraft widely used by most airlines operating on long haul non-stop routes. The A380 and of course the B777 family now rule LAX and the B787 not far behind. There are of course airlines still opening the B747 out of LAX.

I got these photos from the Imperial Hill, overlooking the airport with great views, and of course the newly opened Tom Bradley Terminal, which is very nice and very user friendly in my opinion.

A couple of photos with an A380 lineup with five all parked together and a lone Qantas B747-400 park all the way at the end next to a Fiji Airways A330.

Five A380's One B747-400 & One A330
Tom Bradley Terminal from Imperial Hill

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