Friday, June 19, 2015

United States Air Force MC130H Hercules - Part 1 - Flying

It was well worth the trip....

That is,  the drive I took out to the RNZAF Whenuapai Air Force Base and this post a continuation from the days outing and my B757 shots.

Also with perfect timing (and weather) these two visiting United States Air Force MC130H Lockheed Hercules  88-0191 & 88-1083 were up doing circuits, conducting 10 mile final approaches for runway 21 from the east, and taxing back and taking off again for a repeat circuit again.
The flying continued for the whole time I was there, about 2 hours and were still going after I left.

Quite a few photos, but the each one a little different and the changing winter sun moving across the sky. Check back tomorrow for Part 2, and some runway photos.

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