Monday, April 27, 2015

Spitfire's And A DC-3

Its always good to see two Spitfires in action together, and as I have mentioned before the weather was perfect for some nice photos at the Wings Over Wairarapa Air Show.

Here is Spitfire Mk IV MH367 (ZK-WDQ) & PV270 (ZK-SPI) taxing out in preparation for take-off. Air Chathams DC-3, ZK-AWP had perfect timing for landing after doing a display to get the last shot.

ZK-SPI (PV270) & ZK-WDQ (MH367)
Spitfire PV270 (ZK-SPI)
Spitfire MH367 (ZK-WDQ)
Spitfire PV270 and ZK-AWP

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