Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Out the Window View - Wellington to Auckland

Boy it sure was a nice evening to Fly.......
It was a warm summers evening and this was the view I had out the window on my flight back to Auckland from Wellington on NZ476 seated in 9F.

Quite a few photos, but something different in each shot, and as it was early evening with the sun setting the light changed rapidly giving something different to each photo.

Lining up on Runway 34 at Wellington 
Runway 34, NZWN
The Suburb of Miramar
Nice Light
Lower Hutt looking towards
Upper Hutt
Sun Getting low in the Sky
The Wairarapa in the far distance 
Out over the coast and Kapiti Island
Just a magic sight
A contrail from another jet heading north
In the Cruise
Sun setting on decent over the the Waikato
Last Rays of Light

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