Saturday, August 4, 2012

Waikato Flying

On a recent visit to the Waikato area I managed to visit Hamilton Airport. HLZ,  for about an hour. I have not been to Hamilton Airport for quite some time so was good to see what changes had taken place around the airport. Good to see the new, well not that new, Terminal.
On the other side of the Airfield is where you will find the local Flying Schools.
The  CTCwings Waikato and Waikato Aero Club are the two most noticeable flying schools on the western side of the airport. The CTCwings Aviation setup is pretty impressive, with great facilities and a large fleet of training aircraft mainly consisting of Diamond DA42 Twinstar and the Diamond DA-20 Katana

Diamond DA42 Twinstar

Diamond DA42 on approach for Touch & Go
Hamilton Airport

Looking down Runway
at Hamilton Airport, NZHN

Cessna 172S, CTCWings, Hamilton, NZ

A friendly wave from one of the crew 

ZK-WKF, Alpha 160A
Waikato Areo Club

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