Friday, February 24, 2012

Papeete B777 Trip

Here are some photos back from 2008, that I took on a day trip to Papeete. Today's flight to PPT was operated by an Air New Zealand B777-200. Air NZ normally does not operate the B777 to PPT, as the B767-300 usually services this route.
The distance for today's flight from AKL-PPT is 2544 miles, with a flight time of 4hours 10minutes.

Taxing down RWY 23R with ZK-OKH, NZ99 to Narita in front of us

Waiting behind ZK-OKH with an A320 about to Land
ZK-OKH  Cleared for Takeoff RWY 05R
4 Hours Later over the fence at PPT for RWY 04

Papeete based Air Tahiti, operates regional flights to the outer Islands of French Polynesia and also operates to Rarotonga. Distance from Papeete - Rarotonga is 711 Miles.

Air Tahiti F-OIQU ATR-72 on the Ramp at PPT

Air Tahiti ATR-72

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